We got Ed what about Marvin Wilson?

What is the latest news on Marvin Wilson? Do we have an inside track that could make it happen? How good is his HC relationship with our Coaching staff? Thank you.

He’s not coming. I get a feeling he likes the “bigger” stages so I don’t think his personality fits with Houston anyways.

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I HIGHLY DOUBT we get him. Coach Urban Meyer came down and visited him at school and also met with his family yesterday.

Pipe dream. He is going to a P5 school.

Personally I believe Wilson is overrated. Didn’t dominate against private school O-lines.

Wow! If he could not dominate against private school O-Lines, he will have some challenges at the P5 level. It must be his stature that has him at 5 stars.

Tyreik Grey went to Bellaire Episcopal then transferred to Lamar and his numbers went down. He wasn’t all that special either but somehow was a 4 star recruit. Wilson probably gets his ratings because of his size.

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Alex Leatherwood and Cesar Ruiz were able to stop him effectively. Maybe he is overrated.

If you watch ed oliver’s highlights from high school and look at the O-lines he went against vs the O-lines Wilson has gone up against, you will wonder why Wilson wasn’t blowing up every single play.

I’ll take Morris Joseph Jr out of WOS over Marvin Wilson


I actually thought he was over rated too. I was going by only his highlights, and he didn’t impressed me. I know some of you have been to his games, so I take ya word for it. Must be a great practice player, and looks the part. Gifted physically, and strong. But as a football player, he might be overrated.