We had 250 recruits there last night

Way to go Dana. You really put on a show for them!


I said this in another thread, but hopefully they’re looking for opportunities for early playing time, because we should have plenty of those.


Were there any coaches in attendance?


Non on our sideline!


How many recruits were of quality?

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There were a few basketball recruits sitting in front of me, along with the basketball team. I think they were taking up a little more room that they were supposed to but there was lots of empty seats in the section.

Anyhow, some guy decked out in UH gear come with his family and tells the recruits very matter of factor “These are my seats. Can you move?”

Was he in the wrong? No. But cmon. Let’s not piss off a recruit or the one team that’s doing great things for the school.

Funny thing is I don’t think he ever had any idea it was the UH basketball team sitting right next to him.

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If the recruits weren’t in the correct seats, they should be asked to move. It’s simple. Fu*k pissing them off.


Yeah if being asked to move causes a recruit to be that upset what else will make them upset? The transfer portal makes it easy to leave.


Maybe any football recruits should go to basketball games only.


And if it did piss them off CKS doesnt want them anyway. That guy has standards.

Guess I’m in the minority on this one. Tons of open seats in the section and you ask the kids to move? D!ck move to me.

By the way, Jamal is 100% the leader of the team on AND off the court. Very impressed by how he handled the heckling of TCU fans nearby and made sure the team and the recruits were doing good throughout the game.

You come up with some genius takes.

TCU Recruiting Coordinator says thanks.

Bleh. If you don’t ask someone to move out of your seats and sit in some other random seats…you then become a blocker to people. And in the lower bowl there wasn’t a ton of empty seats.

Shows they might get automatic start time if they sign next year, no one really infront of them on the Offense.

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