We host LSU on December 12

Wonder if that’s our big-name opponent to open up the Fertitta Center.


Works for me.

However, I think we sell out first game against whomever, just because it will be first game in new digs.

Bring in a lesser team, beat the crap out of them…everyone goes home happy with good memories of the FC.

Then bring in LSU, focus and beat them.

Worked well for TDECU opening.

And NO, I am not comparing CKS coaching abilty to Levines !!!:sunglasses:

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That was funny.

@UH is LSUs only true roadgame.


LSU will have a filthy good team. Let’s beat them.

on paper they look AMAZING! top 10 good…
but they also looked that good 3 years ago, and were still bad
their last 3 years team on paper looked tourney good… none were that good (despite beating us a few times)

lsu has a history of not living up to the hype…

I don’t keep up with other teams but why is LSU going to be so good this year versus last year.

They escaped for a win against UH at home.

they werent that good last year, but were nit good

but their best player last year was a true freshman (tremont waters), he was a top 50 recruit, their second best player was a sophmore …they lost only 2 players of any significance, and had a few other 4star freshmen still developing…on whats returning alone theyd have been a projected tourney team on the improvement of their current players

now lets add that they added the #3 recruiting class in the nation (which doesnt count transfers)
they added 2 5star recruits. 2 other top 60 recruits, the #4 ranked prep player and 2 other juco …
also added a 4star transfer from oregon (again transfers arent added into recruit rankings)

“on paper” they look amazing…but like i noted lsu is the king of the let down…they looked just as good 3 years ago with ben simmons and ended up subpar then too, and we needed them to be good that year…ive stopped putting faith in lsu

They actually have a decent coach for once, pesik. I still think UH gets them at home.

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With all these top classes and 5* signings…can probation be far off !!

Yep - “probation” does not dare approach Baton Rouge; it would end up dead in the swamp!

Exactly…same as ut, except change “swamp” to Colorado River !!

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