We just suck

We do. From top to bottom. We don’t do anything well. Nothing there isn’t anything we do well.

I hope we come back in the second half but right now I am just pssed


We have some good looks, and there are times when defense steps up big. I see the little things adding up to thwart our Coogs.

Plenty positives to work with on the field, just need more execution and more time for Tune in the pocket. Maybe scramble outside the pocket more often and open up the opposing defense.

Punter is solid again tonight


Run pass option is needed. The Pocket passing is not working. The line isn’t good enough and the running game isn’t good enough to make a pocket passing attack work. Give Tune the option.

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Everyone complains about the playcalling and no discipline, but I honestly think we just don’t have the horses to compete with anyone


I hate RPO in general, but it does fit Tune best

Except at holding for Field Goals. Laces out, Laine!!!


Please tell me you are kidding.

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What are horses un football?

We can’t tackle, we can’t cover, we can’t block, or throw or run.

We wrap that in a bow of stupidity.

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It’s gonna be rough next year.


No heart, no brains, no testosterone, we just suck.

I honestly don’t remember a team I have liked less.

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I can’t believe this thread gets to stay up, but my poll on whether we should fire Holgi got deleted.

If only we had a consistent head coach, with a full recruiting cycle, to build consistency in recruiting

Oh…wait. we have that.

Young hungry ciaches > retreads with fat contracts and no motivation

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Chil’ please.