We Lost to UT

Rio Grand Valley. Lost 2 of 3. Let that sink in…



We did?

When did this happen?

Man that sucks.

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Once they got that UT cash infusion didn’t take long for them to be competitive- only thing out that way - decent facilities and we’re going to their house which is what I question so of course they’ll be fired up

Not saying you are wrong….but the point is UH should NEVER lose a game much less a series to the UTRGV’s of the world……sure, a small school can have a stud pitcher that gets you now and then but we should have 5 studs battling for the 3 weekend spots….the amount this program has fallen is mind blowing.


Why did we quit trying in baseball the last few years?

We were once good enough to go into LSU and beat a Bregman led squad in the playoffs.

The following sports are important and if we aren’t growing, we need to find a solution.

Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Volleyball
Track and Field

…I’m also going to throw in Men’s Golf since we ARE the bluest of blue bloods but we haven’t added to our resume in a very long time

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It’s truthfully pitiful that it’s allowed to sink this far


Honestly that’s a question only Pez can answer……think about how lucky we were to get CKS….now look at how much work it took him to get the program where it is today……
My point is it’s a lot of blood,sweat and tears.

So why in the world when you have a program that was on the cusp of the College World Series would you just let it spiral :cyclone: to the depths it currently has….

Now baseball has to be rebuilt….granted the right guy can do it quickly but you get my point.


And we’ve got 3 coming up this weekend against Oklahoma. They were picked middle of the Big XII this year. Let’s see how that goes.

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And remember……this is an EASY schedule, much the same as last year….I guarantee you this was expected to be a 40 win schedule….

Last time I checked Minnesota had not even won a game….they may have now, but the are not good.


Oklahoma to date is average at best. Will give us a chance to see first hand what it takes to be middle of the pack in the Big XII.

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Well, we know what it would be like to be lower middle in the WAC….Lol

I don’t think playing OU in one series will tell us much that we don’t know. We really don’t have a pitching structure the last two years. Guys starting, then short relief, then middle relief. Last year we were a poster child for little league base running. Our bats are middlin and not intimidating. Its just a major program in theory because other programs aren’t getting excited to play us. And Pez’ schedule is bad. This team ain’t playing in the post season. The only silver lining in the B12 is that accountants may be inclined to find some extra receivables wherein a new position could be invented to move Whitting across the street.

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