We made another ESPN list

Good to see a little more ESPN love…


“Current Houston quarterback D’Eriq Kingpassed for 2,982 yards with 36 touchdowns and ran for 674 yards with 14 scores in 11 games last season. He’ll put up even better numbers in Holgorsen’s system.”

While UH should be a better team this year, I don’t expect King to put better numbers or need to in this system. Briles system was super speed and lots of plays. I am expecting more game management and situational attacks. Plus, the schedule seems much harder this season.


King missed 2.5 games last year so he could end up with higher totals, but a smaller impact per game. 2.5 games could be 1000 yards of offense and another 10 TD’s.

I hope our offensive line is good enough to allow him to hand off the ball and throw when it makes sense. CDH mentioned to John and Lance that he is calling the plays for the first time in a few years so he can control the tempo of the game to help out the defense (similar to Herman’s dive plays that ran clock).

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Stinkfinenbaum has to take a swipe at UCF…even before the season starts.

I am more interested in wins than King’s stats! They don’t always go hand in hand. CDH has talked about game management & emphasis on the run game. No doubt we will put the ball in the air a lot. His offense & CKB offense are very different. If this is a successful season it will be because we have a balance between all 3 phases, especially defense!


Just win baby!

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Hell yeah!

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It sill make more sense for sure as far as game management… however King will put up CRAZY numbers.