We might lead the nation

In seniors that have the option to come back for another season due to the Covid rule.

All five listed seniors can come back. Shead, Cryer, Dunn, Roberts & Wilson. Meaning none are forced to leave.

We have (3) freshmen recruits coming in.

So 3 will have to depart . To remain at 13 scholarships

Right now, Shead, Cryer, Dunn, Sharp, Mylik, KJ, Mercy and Mccarty. That’s 8 guards. Most likely 2 need to leave

That’s not including Ramon or Arceneaux. Who you could count as guards. That would be 10

My guess right now Shead, Cryer, Arceneaux are most likely gone. Those 3 were invited to high level camps this off-season

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So far only 2 freshmen? Miller and McCarty, or did I miss something.

But overall I agree, we will sign at least 3 recruits.

And I agree Shead and Cryer are likely gone after this year. Probably Dunn and Roberts too.

But Arceneaux? Is he a starter yet? Are you thinking he turns pro from the bench? Or are you saying he transfers out to get more PT elsewhere?


Nic Codie as the 3rd recruit. Not a done deal yet.

I think to make us more dynamic offensively, Arceneaux is gonna see alot of time at the 4th. He could come off the bench, but get starters minutes overall (25+ mpg)

Can Arceneaux avg 9-10 ppg this season. And shoot a good percentage? I think he can. That could be enough to get a 1st round draft grade

@Chiklets you could be right though. Alot of these guys could come back because NIL is better than overseas ball

True. I have a feeling Landon Goesling is just getting started with NIL money!!! It’s like all his hard work is about to pay off!!!

Think others have figured out how to NIL around scholarship limit so probably room to squeeze one more in if good enough for NIL.

Also I thought Covid extra year players don’t count towards the schollie limit?

I think that was just for a year

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I hope you are right. In Australia, Arceneaux led the team in rebounding at 7.3 per game. Tied for 2nd in steals per game at 2.0.

But he shot 14% from deep and 33% overall. A regression from his freshman year where he shot 37% overall and 25% from deep.

He is ready to contribute on defense and rebounding. He’s got a long way to go before he’s a serious offensive threat.


Upon doing further research, you are correct, good sir!

TA is going to be an offensive threat. Probably a handful of games he takes over in
stretches. Looking real forward to see him but there is only one ball to spread to a wealth of scorers.


You can’t force kids to leave anymore cause they’ll remain on scholarship even if you cut them