We need another Quarterback whose last name starts with K or W

It’s not a coincidence folks.

That’s a Kopp out


I see what you did there

What a way to Massoud your way to that answer! :smirk:

Give me a new offense of coordinator first. I’m not convinced any quarterback can make this offense hum. Play calling is one-dimensional and as predictable as Helton’s old offense.

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That’s what we said with O’Korn and boom here came GW

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UH fans can’t go one game without wanting to change personnel.


In my defense, I’ve been saying Tune is not that good.


The offensive coordination isn’t stellar, but the QB’s inability to execute has the most to do with it.

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I wanna see what Massoud can do.

I’m not suggesting the quarterback play can’t be better. We all know a great QB like GW can make an offensive coordinator and HC look great. I’m simply pointing out that our offense isn’t doing Tune any favors with the playcalling. With GW, the offense was often saved by his scrambling ability. Those days are long gone. When don’t have a great offensive line and the QB is more of a passer than a scrambler, you have to tailor the offense around his strengths. This was my concern last year with king at the helm. The offense wasn’t made for him. Now look at what he’s doing for Miami. Tune has a pretty good arm, so why not go with short intermediate passing plays more often? Better yet, run a little tempo and get the ball out of his hands quickly, and into the hands of the playmakers. That’s UCF’s offense in a nutshell.

Our offense is just way too vanilla. A little movement, snap motion, and perhaps the defense would do more backpedaling instead of teeing off on our quarterback and forcing him into difficult passes.


Not sure why we keep talking about new OC. This is Dana’s offense and he said he would be doing all the play calling. So are we are saying Dana needs to be replaced as play caller ok, but otherwise… ehhhh