We suck tonight

QB can’t throw
Online can’t pass block or run block
Secondary can’t cover
Dline can’t stop the run
Coaches can’t coach

Will be ever get a full season of consistency?
I know we aren’t Alabama…but we aren’t playing a SEC schedule either.

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Agreed. If we don’t pull a miracle after this delay, this is on the entire team - coaches and players, top to bottom.


This . . . . .

These are the days Applewhite must love Houston. In a small college town he’d come home to a for sale sign in his yard. Here he just drives anonymously to Valero, pumps his gas, and cruises into the suburbs.


Couldn’t run the ball. Couldn’t stop the run. This was crazy. And it kept going on and on and on. The most frustrating game ever. I thought Briles was a smart adapter. Guess not. Let’s run some more into no holes created by the OL. And just for giggles when it doesn’t work, let’s punt all nite. I have nothing left to say for coach NoD.

Gee our offensive tackle just go pancaked on that --1 yard run. Lets try it again…and again…
and again.