.Some other Cougars come to town. Big, strong, mature, talented and disciplined. I have watched them. This is what I see.
But on our side:
We are at home. Under today’s conditions that may not be as much a factor as in past years. I can think of several games against talented teams where our home town crowd made a difference.
After a rough start our DEFENSE played well particularly in the second half. Second half defense anemia cost us games last year. Our defensive line looks better this year with better depth and endurance. Our secondary looks better. Rather than playing back in deep coverages our corners are challenging the receivers. Some of Tulane’s passes were completions but our coverage was more than adequate.
We have some wide bodies up front for our OFFENSE .Our receiving corp looks loaded with speed and good hands. Our running game is improving from last year.
I just hope Car will be ready by Friday.
Our special teams look well…special.
BYU may well be the best team we play this year. I am hopeful we will be up to the task. Just eradicate the turnovers and we should be able to bring home the “W”


I’m looking forward to the game. It should be an excellent test of how good we are as a team.


It will be chippy like it always is with BYU.

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We’ll be ready. Lots a good film and corrections for the coaches to focus on.

First game is always the hardest because you don’t know what you don’t know until game time. Now the staff knows.

It has been said that the greatest level of improvement is between the first and second game.

Like you said, now the staff knows (the area of improvement that requires the greatest degree of focus).

went to the byu sites and social media. they think they are going to roll us over lol hoping we get the w

If you watched their games and ours its obvious they should be favored. This looks like one of the best end to end BYU squads we’ve faced. And we don’t fare too well against them historically.


Are we playing at TDECU or at NRG?

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BYU has played well enough to deserve being the favorites. I’m gonna guess that after they roll UTSA at home they will be favored by more than a TD, maybe 11 points.

Go Coogs!

You’ll be ready. Hopefully we take care of business tomorrow and then turn our attention to you.

It has all the hallmarks of a great game! I’m looking forward to it.

I was impressed at how quickly you got your feet under yourselves and finished out playing as I expected you to. First games always scare me. The Coogs answered the call well.


BYU certainly would have to be the favorites; they’ve looked good. This game will be a good marker of how improved we are from last year. Our defense will be tested, but if they play with the same intensity as against Tulane they can make some plays. Playing BYU always feels to me like playing a semi-pro team as they have so many older guys. One thing for sure, if UH can beat BYU we can beat anyone on our schedule.


We’ll be ready and so will they. I’m not sure how good either team is. Tulane is not that good, I think. No one BYU has played is very good. We’ll know more around midnight next Friday! GO COOGS!!


I think this game will show the benefit of CDH redshirting so many last year because it will allow us to have depth on defense. Last year the lack of depth cost us big time in the second halves of games.


I hope BYU is favored a bunch. If the spread is enough, might be worth more than my usual meager bet. I don’t think they will be able to contain our speed for the entire game. Coogs by at least 7.

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After what I seen yesterday, I am not worried about anyone o the schedule. Let me clarify this: I am not talking about the Astros or Texans, but the Coogs!

I agree. The redshirting last season will pay dividends this season and with a shortened season, it should pay off again next year.

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we’ll see, i bet utsa gives them an unexpected challenge

TDECU. Why would we play at NRG?

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Some of our juco seniors can come back next year too along with others :muscle: