Wealth of defensive ends

Anyone that follows these guys that have committed know if any of them have outside linebacker speed and/or experience?

We are rarely in our base defense. 80% of the time we were in a 3-3-5, with one of the linebackers playing on the line.

With the new DC I could see us going with the 4-2-5 so guys like Jones can put his hands on the ground and focus on getting to the QB.

Duke, Willis-Dalton, and Stuard look to be 3 that can play any number of positions, including OLB.

Duke played OLB also at Bellaire and would be a good replacement for Bowser

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Pray, i think that is our coaches intention…I expect Duke will be a fine LB for us.

Have y’all forgotten about Derek Parish! A little more speed and he will a strong ILB next to adams

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No, I think we’ve got a lot of ILB candidates, but Parrish will be a good one to watch. With the 2 Jones pickups and the Willis-Dalton pickups (plus the possibility of another DL and/or LB) we should be in great shape for the front 7. That doesn’t even include what we do with Gooden or Stuard as both may bulk up and play LB (I see Gooden playing a Brandon Wilson roll on this team in the future though).

Great size for RB as well.