I dont know how much the weather forecast affected the attendance. The night turned out to be beautiful, game was good, and the bands were awesome. Feel bad for the people who missed it because they thought the weather was gonna be bad.


The skies looked beautiful!


Saturday night was one of the most pleasant games temperature-wise that we’ve had in a while. A few sprinkles to start and then it was just great.


Agree, it was very nice. Considering what the weather was prior to the game there was still a decent crowd and awesome showing by the students (Thank you). Anyone get the official attendance number?

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It was a little over 29,000

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My wife kept talking about the rain all day. I told her she didn’t have to go but I wasn’t missing the game. On the way down it looked like a hurricane was sitting over Houston and she gave me a sideways look. I said, “At least it’s not raining AND cold like the Armed Forces Bowl or Cincinnati game at BBVA”. #Perspective


There was even a rainbow! How cool was that?

My wife was a no go due to the threat of rain. She missed a good night.

Love 7pm Saturday games. Wish they could all be at that time.




Cougar Red skies. I like it.

It’s all hyperbole if someone claims to know how much was due to the weather. Where I would start is similar circumstances. Playing an FCS opponent after an ugly loss.

Grambling State 7:00 PM September 6, 2014 84 F Partly Cloudy - 30,081

Based on that, I’d say the weather had little affect on ticket sales but had a large effect on those that bought tickets that didn’t show.

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Awesome picture! Thanks for sharing.

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IMO Shaggy is right on, it’s playing TSU or any FCS. I’d rather watch an inter-squad scrimmage than that. Zero joy in watching that game, is/was like watching Larry Holmes beat Ali senseless at end of his career, you were begging for it to end

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The spring game is an inter squad scrimmage and there are nowhere near 29k people attending.

I’d prefer a real opponent as well but I prefer TSU to a scrimmage.

Even if you dont like the opponent, supporting your team should be an overiding factor. Plus you never really know whats gonna happen, just look VT last week.

Extremely glad the Cotton Bowl Notre Dame game was not at 7 PM

Just so you know, I was not / am not an Ali fan so I was not looking for that beating to end. :slight_smile: