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Hey guys, just a note, you may want to go on to the hosting user portal and strip the requirement for typing out the “www”.Right now, the only way to access the site is by only typing in “” i was typing only and the page was not loading, i figured it was DNS related due to the recent change, however, when adding the www’s it came up just fine.

Hope this helps!

Will do. Thank you Drew.

Hey Drew:

We are working on it. It’s a setting with our host not the DNS.

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yep, should be on the domain management side. Should help out w/ anyone trying to come on over! Great job w/ the site guys!

We use a specialized host just for this forum software, so we don’t have a typical CPanel setup. This host only does this forum software. We have to put in a ticket.

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Is the format going to stay this way?

We will continue to tweak it as much as possible.

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The CNAME record applies only to You should be able to add a redirect from to through Network Solutions. Only is being pointed to the new host.

$ ping
ping: unknown host

Thanks Taz… We are working on it. It’s not as straightforward for us as a normal Web account. But it’s being addressed.

Looks like this has been fixed!

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I’ve noticed that whenever I close my app on mobile device, it logs me out.

Use to not be that way.

Why changed ?

Maybe we don’t see everything, and thanks for the time and effort I know is required, but if one can’t vent a little, what’s the point?

If these guys can’t vent, dogs may be kicked, and heads may explode. Headless old men can’t buy season tickets.

Please tell me how to manage the website and encrypt to make the user credentials safe from malicious attacks ??

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