Week 1-College Football 2019

Two huge AAC weekday home games:
UCLA @ Cinn. on ESPN -6 CST.
Also FIU @ Tulane

Wisconsin @ USF on ESPN -6 CST w a Hurricane on the way. Could be a slick one.
Also Tulsa @ Michigan State on FS1 - 6 CST.


Full schedule for tonight:



Sunday and Monday:

h/t fbsschedules.com

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UCLA is not that good. But they just exposed Cincinnati’s lack of tackling and coverage underneath.


Yes, they are slow everywhere. OL/DL are not good.

Jim Mora, Jr recruited very well based on ratings but they didn’t work out later in his time there.
Kelly basically starting over with young guys.

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After an hour lightning delay.

USF v Wisconsin on ESPN now.

Tulsa @ Mich State on FS1 now.

Didn’t start well for USF

Tulsa’s defense is doing the best it can with the situations handed to it. Otherwise nothing noteworthy in this one…

USF WRs w 2 huge drops already.
The crowd wants to go wild but needs something to get it rolling.

Can’t watch anymore of this Tulsa game.

How many missed snaps, blocked punts etc…? You have to play error free ball to have a chance in that game

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USF is really lucky the Wisco QB missed 2 wide open deep shots for TDs.
They are still going to get it run all over but that keeps it close.

Tulsa lucky its only 25 to zero.

Just another solid Charley Strong football team

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USF needs to do more than that at home.

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Army beats Rice 14-7. The Owls with a solid road effort. If they had a FG kicker, it might have been a road win for them.

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USF does not look good.


Maybe Charlie Strong is not that good of a coach.


Wow… So is Rice good or was our defense that bad…

I know it’s only week 1, but wow

USF- way to energize the fan base.


An awful, awful performance.
“When the best part of your season opener is the 55 minutes of alternative programming ESPN had to come up with during the thunderstorm, you know you’re going to be in for a long season.”

This looks like some of our threads last year lol

Clemson (1) demolished GaTech

Bama (2) will wipe out Duke in Atlanta

UGa (3) faces Vandy in Nashville … probably the closest game

OhioSt (5) (should change its name to Dorian) storms over Florida Atlantic … the college not the ocean

Soooo does one see a pattern here … when (4) plays Sunday night …