Week 1 - games to watch


*UTEP at Texas

*Sam Houston St at Oklahoma

*Murray St at Saint Louis

*Kent St at Northern Kentucky

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Only games to watch involve UH !!


ill probably watch baylor becuase its early in the morning

and saint marys and tulsa game because those are late night games



Wagner at Temple. Just to see how good Temple is.

Cause Temple’s next game…(drumroll). Villanova on Friday

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Friday is really when things pick up

*Michigan St vs Gonzaga

*BYU vs San Diego St

*Liberty vs Alabama

Only the UH games interest me this week!

All games interest me this week. I love college basketball season more than any other sporting season. Today should be a national holiday, along with at least the first Thursday and Friday of March Madness!


get a early shout out in the baylor game

announcer think us and baylor are the best guard trio in the nation

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baylor is going to be an issue offensively . every guard they have is probably a 40%+ shooter all have quick triggers

their starting bigss arent offensive players, but their backups lohner and loveday are really good on offense too as drivers …

if they figure out the defense, are a real threat


We need that rematch in March!!


Langston Love, coming back from an ACL injury. Should be interesting, what impact he has this season

Hopefully they get knocked out before the final four then we don’t have to worry about it!


probably irrelevant… is 5th guard off te bench …and the 1st 4 look amazing… so there really inst a need for him, unless theres an injury

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Unless theres an injury🤔…looking at you LJ Cryer. I hope not for him. But a little injury prone

“Future Bear Day” in Waco. Those kids are having a blast.
Good looking ESPN+ production today on the App on Roku.
They do put all resources behind the great teams like Baylor
UH hoop needs that same consideration every game.

Memphis-Vandy is by far the most interesting game of the day nationally.

I mean, everyone should want to watch the eventual NCAA champs start their season against UNC


I watched a little and Love looked really good. Starter on any AAC team. If he’s their 5th guard geez.


Yep. They want to sell a story. If we give them one they’ll sell it.

I’ve been presently surprised the last few years how quickly they changed to (deservedly) hanging on our jocks.

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Wes Miller has his guys doing a full court press against Chaminade in the first half. Coming out swinging this year i guess.

Also — didn’t realize Landers Nolly went to Cinci. That’ll be interesting.