Week 1 non UH games thread (ESPN :Louisville v Ole Miss on Monday- 7pm CTL)

Will have 2 tv’s going in the living room all day!

Have Tulane v Ok on the big screen currently. Kinda cool that this is a “home game” for them and they get all the revenue from ticket sales, if I heard that correctly.

Just hope they have a decent showing today….

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Tulane has OU rattled

What channel is OU on. Don’t see it


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Terrible play by rattler……good for Tulane! Early qb play for most teams has been mediocre at best to bad. Lots of bad decisions.

Ty. Blind!

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Simply going off of last years play, I am not buying into the Rattler hype at all.

Guess time will tell this year. So far my opinion is unchanged lol

Talk about coming out and punching them in the mouth.

Let’s go!

The Green Wave’s QB doesn’t play like a freshman. Showing a lot of poise.

just showed a zoomed out view of the OU stadium and its only about 1/3rd full…

I get that they are “only playing Tulane” but they are also the #2 team in the country, weird.

No they only sold tickets to lower bowl, they couldn’t get enough staff together this quick to help with the game


that makes sense. forgot it was relatively short notice.

and WOW, Tulane is looking great and OU is looking absolutely horrible.

Well, at 3:00 I’ll start watching Central Michigan (grad school alma mater) v. Mizzou…I’ll follow it until it gets either too lopsided, OR the UH game starts, whichever comes first.

While watching the UH game, I’ll be checking my phone for updates on the Illinois (other grad school alma mater) v. UTSA, and Case Western Reserve (D3 undergrad alma mater) v. Rochester games.


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Why are u not at game, u live out of town?

Wife is afraid of COVID crowds. Otherwise, I’d be there.

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nope. havnt been to a game in years.

much prefer watching on TV.

edit - I see that wasnt a reply to me. answered anyway! lol

edit again - glad I answered! is it time for a beer yet…?

Well u need to go and we complain about UH attendance on this board good grief

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Fully understand. I’m guilty in that regard.

But my marriage and domestic happiness are pretty darned important.