Week 1- Team Stats

How we stack up with the rest of college baseball:

ERA: #2
WHIP: #8
K/9: #9
K:BB: #8

BA: #35
Scoring: #12
Doubles: #18
HR: #23


Wonder where we would rank had we played Notre Dame.

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Brad Lidge, Cavan Biggio, Brandon Bielak says put some respect on those Fighting Irish!! :smiley::smile:

Edit: Craig Counsel, Trey Mancini … ok we’ll leave Trey off at moment, he’s struggling to regain form.

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The number I’m most impressed with is the walks per 9.

I’m not sure who to give credit to? Woody? Kenny?

It’s a recipe for success if they can keep it up.


The walks have been Bad for few yrs now. Be good start to season with that Stat being brought down drastically.

Pretty sure we wouldn’t have scored 27.

Tough to gauge how good we are when the numbers are racked up against Binghamton and Prairie View.

We’ll see what happens over the next several games.

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Get a job!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: