Week 12 bowl projections for Houston, other Texas schools and AAC

Kyle Bonagura: Houston vs. UCLA in Birmingham Bowl
David M. Hale: Houston vs. Marshall in Gasparilla Bowl

CBS Sports
Frisco: Houston vs. Ohio

Sporting News
Hawaii: Houston vs. Fresno State

Sports Illustrated
Hawaii: Houston vs. San Diego State

NBC Sports
Frisco: Houston vs. Central Michigan

SB Nation
Frisco: Houston vs. UNLV

Orlando Sentinel
Frisco: Houston vs. Utah State

More not listed in the article:

Bleacher Report
Frisco: Houston vs Arkansas State

USA Today
Boca Raton: Houston vs Marshall

Orlando Sentinel
Frisco: Houston vs Utah State

Gawd…hope it’s UH v UCLA in Birmingham…good combination of P5 opponent and drivable distance. A win would be good momentum going into next season


The way this team plays I don’t think a win against UCLA or anyone else is in the future. This is a 6-7 team.

On the plus side: UCLA has one of worst rush defenses in country & just fired it coach.


Normally an SEC vs. ACC bowl, most projections have them looking for two schools as one or both conferences will probably be unable to fill it. Could be a chance for the Coogs to play a P6 school…maybe even a rematch vs. FSU as some of the latest projections have the Seminoles ending up there.


I hope that it’s the Hawaii bowl!

Don’t want to play UCLA. Josh Rosen would hit 95% of his passes against our defense and we would likely give up more points than we did to Memphis.

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Rosen was taken out of their last game for “precautionary” reasons after getting slammed hard on a tackle, and so that he would be healthy to play in a bowl. Would be a tough game if he is healthy.

@indybowl would be awesome!

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If we played Texas, the only TDs would probably be from the defenses.

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I agree Indy bowl would be a great choice. Something we could travel to and good payout. Also, coming the week between Christmas and New Years, I can see people taking off for that game.

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SDSU revenge game!