Week 13: Non-UH Games

Anyone know if Vegas has a top 25 rankings of their own?

Need Iowa to lose to Nebraska

So tired of the nonstop Michigan-Ohio State talk.

Boise’s qb is literally dumb.

I mean it should be expected. Its a T-5 rivalry within the sport and this year there’s a lot riding on the game. The networks would be crazy not to talk about it.

That’s a noon kickoff eastern time.

Doesn’t mean I can’t be tired of it already. :slight_smile:

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FWIW: At 8:45.
Report that high end recruits have been told its Lincoln R.
They will be squeezing Okie State in Bedlam to get him to Baton Rough faster.

He gone!

I think the other rivalry games being lackluster this year has lead to the non stop Michigan/OSU talk. Yeah it’s bad every year, but not like this. I don’t think this game goes any different than the others for the last half decade or so.

USF-UCF playing it close.
TCU looking flat v Iowa State w a bowl on the line.
Air Force whipping UNLV.

#20 NC State in real trouble at home. Carolina hits 50 yarder to go up 9 late in 4th.

Tar Heels let receiver behind them and give up 65 yard bomb… and NCSU recovers onside kick. Lol. Carolina late hit. Lol. Carolina pass interference… Touchdown.

Amazing ending to the NC-NC State game.

NC State gets two touchdowns in something less than 30 seconds or so. Crazy.

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UCF hangs on vs USF by 4. Down year for UCF and still 8 wins.
Navy up on Temple.
Tulsa gets bowl eligible if they pull the upset at SMU.

Just noticed Nebraska lost again. They were up 21-9 then gave up 19 in the 4th to a so/so Iowa offense.

Michigan is bullying OSU

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North Texas beating UTSA 17-6 in the 2nd

This might be an unpopular take, but I think UTSA is the worst undefeated team in a very long time. Tech still has a shot against Baylor who has been such an up and down team lately.

As always, blame Memphis. They had no business losing to them.

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