Week 13: Non-UH Games




1.) hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving

2.) Need Boise st to win

3.) Need Texas to lose

4.) ECU vs Cincy (I would rather a CCG match with playoff contender-Cincy, so go bearcats!!)

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Broncos up 7-0
Texas up 7-0

SDSU playing 115 miles from their campus in Carson, CA.
Announcers mentioned it @ 3 hour drive with the SoCal traffic.

Diehards had to leave San Diego before 6am to make the 9am Pacific game time.

Boise having a so/so year but could make the MWC Championship w a win today and some help.

Boise has some huge road wins

Boise looking good early

SDSU has some pretty empty stands. With such a remote stadium, I can see why.

We have an on campus and still can’t fill it

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End of season “neutral site” home game is odd especially given kickoff time. Assume they got paid by someone to move game.

We get way more to our games than they do tho

Don’t get why they didn’t go for it there. FG didn’t really do much.

They are avoiding the crowd shots at UT. No one is there either. Why would you pay $50 to park in a homeless encampment, walk 1 mile to a stadium, to sit and watch them lose to Kansas State.

Also Kansas State has a big FB that must be about 3 bills that is the most Kansas State player on Kansas State.

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Kansas 17
Texas 13

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SDSU is without a home this year as they rebuild a new stadium where the old Qualcomm was located. All their home games have been in Carson this year. What’s odd is the 9 am kickoff.

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CBS crew says they need Air Force to lose as well.

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I heard it wrong or the announcers had it wrong at the start of the game.(edited above)
I really like their chance vs UNLV !

The Carson Stadium holds 27,000.

“On Friday morning adjacent to Los Angeles, they’ll answer an age-old question: If you stage a momentous football game at 9 a.m. on Black Friday at least 115 miles from either campus, will anybody come?”
“Dignity Health Park seats 27,000. San Diego State drew an announced 10,116 to its home opener Sept. 4 against New Mexico State. It drew 11,090 for its win over now-No. 19 Utah, then 7,619 for Towson, 8,387 for New Mexico, 11,034 for Fresno State and 11,821 for Nevada.”

Decent crowds under the circumstances.

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There must be a Stadium in San Diego that seats 11,000. That would have worked.

Come on Boise!

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