Week 15 - Games To Watch (Week of Feb 13th)

Crazy to see so many empty seats at the Miami @ North Carolina game.

Wow. This is a big game for UNC.

Is Caleb Love actually good at basketball? Dude just seems like a losing player.

I never seem to see him play well either.
Love had a glorious run last Tourney time. He was great.

Not really but he is talented

Whens the last time 2 projected 1 seeds missed the tourney in the same year?

My takeaway from this Miami-UNC game is that a healthy UCF was better than the preseason #1 team in the country


UCF are a couple of half court heaves away from having Ws over Mizzou and Miami and maybe counting as 2 Q1 wins for us lol

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This is a couple years old but apparently a preseason #1 has never failed to make the tournament (post 1985 expansion at least).

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Caleb Love was 1-10 from 3pt then makes a 3pt late and the announcers are singing his praises talking about how much of a big shot maker he is. Smh no he isn’t. This is literally the kids problem. He takes bad shots all game then makes one in a big moment and people heap praise on him.


Tumbleweed up on cow by 9 at the break.

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A Tech win should just about kill UT’s 1 seed hopes. Might even start some Tech bubble watch talk.


Tech ain’t going to NCAA tournament with a 2-10 conference record, beating Texas won’t change that no way they are even close to a bubble team

Tech would be 3-10 in conference with a win tonight

At worst you have to be 7-11 in the Big 12

Meaning Tech would have to go 4-1 in their last 5.

The committee let in Rutgers with a much worse resume last year so you never know

Tech could win 4 of their next 5

At West Virginia, At Oklahoma, TCU, at Kansas, at Oklahoma St

Win your 2 home games, and at WV and at OU are doable

I’m not saying they deserve it but the Big 12 presents with non-stop quality win opportunities. They absolutely aren’t dead yet.

4-1 and then win 2 games in the Big 12 tourney and they could indeed find their way on the bubble. Probably doesn’t happen but with the way they’ve been playing lately you just never know.


Yea. It’s one thing to have 5 losses as a B12 team in mid-February but that NCSOS is atrocious compared to most teams on the top 4 lines

If we swapped OOCs with Texas then they would be the number one overall seed while we would be a 3 seed

Tar Heels have no quad one wins. They’re only spoken about because of pedigree.