Week 2: Non-UH Games Thread

Kansas vs Illinois for you friday night junkies

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Tulane vs Ole Miss is gonna be a fun one…… while waiting for my Coogs to play the owls.


Go Hurricanes!


I’d like to see TT beat the Ducks — and definitely pulling for Tulane. I think UCF rolls Boise State.


Props to HCU stepping up big time year after year, i doubted that football program, but it just keeps growing

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…??? They’ve never had a winning season, and their third-best season was a two-win season…including D-II and non-NCAA opponents.

I’ll cheer for my grad school alma mater Illinois against Kansas, but in my heart of hearts, I don’t really think that Illinois will win. Kansas has gotten a lot better recently.

I hope I’m wrong!

I meant they play bigger opponents, ive notice theyve schedule tough opponents last few years.

But no doubt, record has been rough

Ole Miss at Tulane will be a good one.

Tulane tickets going for 110 plus minimum. Wow.

Lots of BANGERS on Saturday!

UTSA / Texas St isn’t even on linear TV, so I’ll catch it on espn+.

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I didn’t know Texas State had the Auburn transfer. He played great.

I’m marking Baylor as a win.

Best guide to help plan your Saturday

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I think this one is better. But that one is good. You can print it and highlight your day out.


I like the arrangement by network and team logos. However, can definitely see why you like the other if you want to print it. Between these guides, having multiple view screens, beer and wife/kids at the in-laws… this shapes up to be a really great Saturday. Go Coogs!

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Sure does!

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As much as I hate to see it, I want UT to win…that way, when we upset them at home, it’ll be an even MORE impressive victory!

Seems like the heartland guys really want to see the b12 holdovers outperform the newbies. I hope we all keep winning and help blow up their preseason predictions.

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