Week 4 2017 Top 25

Coaches poll

SDSU At 25.
Houston 9 points.
Memphis 36 points.
Navy 7 points.

Down to only 1 vote in the AP from 10 last week, Tech has 4 votes

How do we lose votes for crushing someone we’re supposed to?

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Super frustrating

What a travesty. Tu isn’t even top 15.

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Clemson 1, Alabama 2 based on last season. No one loss team in the top 10 until mid Oct when there is a body of work.

I thought that but then put a little logic to it. I bet if you look at the people that voted for UH last week, all but one of them replaced us with San Diego State or Memphis on their votes. I’ll check it out tonight and see if that is what happens and update it on this post.

Should that be the case, fine with that. Those two teams are still deserving until they lose.

OK … Checked it out. Turns out that out that actually UH only got a 17th place vote from Pat Dooley (9 points) and a 25th place vote from Matt Brown (1 point) last week. This week Matt Brown kept us at 25th. He already had San Diego State ranked 22nd, moved them to 18th and Memphis on his list went from unranked to 21st.

Pat Dooley on the other hand just practically reset his vote. He dropped Houston, Kansas State, Stanford, Auburn and UCLA off his list and added Mississippi State, Florida, Vanderbilt, Kentucky and TCU. So you could say that Auburn is keeping us company to go from ranked to unranked after winning a game by two TDs.

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Massey Composite has us at #34, 2nd in the AAC behind USF at #29. Memphis comes in 3rd at #43 while SDSU is the highest non-Power 5+ND at #26.


We range from 6th to 57th in the 31 polls they are tracking.

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Logic would dictate that we keep our votes and that the new ranked teams pick up votes from the ranked teams that lost like KState, UCLA, Tennessee, and Stanford.