Week 7 Polls and Rankings

3 American teams in the Coaches Poll this week and Memphis is getting votes. Somebody gave Texas 2 votes.:rage:



Preseason data is no longer part of the S&P+ rankings. Coogs at 32, USF at 21, UCF at 24, SMU at 43


18 USF
22 UCF
24 TT
25 Navy


We need a couple years where we have 3 teams finish the season ranked to solidify the P6 thing.


Just for the sake of argument, if we win out including conference championship and San Diego state wins out and goes undefeated. Who gets the NY6 bowl game?

I think an undefeated MW team jumps a 1 loss AAC team. Equal records the AAC gets the nod.

If they’re ranked higher they automatically go. But if Navy, USF, and (best case scenario) if we play UCF for the Conference championship we would’ve played three ranked teams (and won) which hopefully would rank us higher.

Having Texas Tech ranked helps us as well.

Assuming USF, Navy and UCF are still ranked when we play and beat them, I think we will have a stronger resume and strength of schedule than SD St.

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I think a 1-loss AAC team, other than USF, would get in over an undefeated SDSU at this point. MWC is awful this year outside of SDSU and we could be looking at a Western Michigan situation where Navy would have gotten in over them last year.

I just can’t see anyone in that conference beating San Diego state right now. I do think Boise State will give them a run for their money though.

Maybe. Boise State hasn’t been great this year and that game is in San Diego this week. Fresno State may be their toughest test before the championship game and that one is the week after Boise State in San Diego.

If a one loss AAC team jumps an undefeated MW team you are going to see MW teams wanting in the AAC. Their TV contract is horrible.

How long does BYU keep this independent thing going. They are terrble and getting worse.

undefeated SDSU will go over 1 loss AAC. They have wins over Stanford and Arizona St.

Who have they played that’s ranked? Weak SOS

As far as I know Stanford was their only ranked opponent

How can USF be ranked higher than SDSU? These rankings are a scam.
SDSU beat TWO P5’S. Yes, ASU is not very good this year but is that their fault? The same can be said for Stanford…which beat a ranked Utah. USF does not have a P5 on their schedule. At least UCF scheduled two. Even they finish undefeated that should be a major negative point toward any ranking. The P5 cartel is a scam. At least SDSU tries to schedule one or more P5’s a year. We do the same. Remember friends we got spanked by SDSU last year. Even if it was a meaningless bowl game SDSU came to play. We ought to give them credit. I would strongly argue after watching SDSU all year that they can beat the best AAC Teams. The real truth is that until we have a true 16 Teams playoffs we will never have a true National Champion. You win your league and you should be in. How many P5 Teams like Kansas, Vanderbilt, Cal, Missouri to name a few suck year after year?

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You don’t have to be good as an athletic department to be successful, you just need to be P5. Just ask TT or Vandy or Wake Forest. .


I’ll be pulling for Memphis to beat Navy next week and hopefully Memphis is ranked for our Thursday night game. I just don’t see Navy making it to the last game of the regular season as a ranked team.


That kind of talk is anti-American. When it favors the AAC, we don’t question the system.

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