Week 8 Bowl Projections


Liberty Bowl vs Oklahoma State
Cure Bowl vs Liberty



Texas Bowl vs TCU


Frisco Bowl vs Toledo

SB Nation

Birmingham Bowl vs Buffalo

Sporting News

Frisco Bowl vs Eastern Michigan

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Texas Bowl would be KEWL!!!

Liberty Bowl wouldn’t be bad.

But I’m shooting for NY6!!!


NY6 vs Texas


NY6 Ya Woo Cougar Football


Why the hell do we keep getting paired up with Liberty?? Get out of here with that crap


Is Liberty no Division 1A??? Or D 2A…??? I have to check…but No thanks…I’d rather stay home if that is the paring…

SI has Wash St vs. Texas Tech…THAT is an excellent pairing.

We shouldn’t be playing any MAC team…

D1 independent. I had no idea. I had to look it up myself.

We would give them a thumping of biblical proportions…but, I’m with you, no thanks.

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I don’t look at the articles that do this speculating. Do they have us in these “lesser bowls” because they think UCF is going to win the conference, or because they don’t speculate on the G5 that will make the NY6?

Most have UCF in ny6. They account for G5 auto-bid.

NY6 or Texas Bowl please.

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Please no more vacation destinations against a Mountain West team that plays there every other year. It ain’t working out for us.

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Ugh at all these small conference pairings. Just…ugh.

What are these small conference pairings saying about our program? Because reality is as I have described elsewhere on this Board. We get “No respect”.
Before someone asks, the quote is because comedian Rodney Daingerfield used to say that regularly.

Orlando Sentinel


Armed Forces Bowl vs Army

boy, if we dont make the NY6, i like that Armed Forces Bowl against Army! We can take a big crowd to Ft Worth, and play an Army team that had a great year last year, and now this year, as well…


As CoachV once said: “Mommy, make the bad, scary man quit talking about the Armed Forces Bowl”

Please don’t let us have to play Liberty. I don’t want our university associated with those miscreants.