Weekend starters named


Jelkin is 100% legit.

Jean was injured all last year for Bama.

Howard was not good in the Big South Conference last year.

W- 4 L- 5

ERA- 5.68

IP- 82

H- 109 ( 15 Homeruns)

K- 59 ( the UH website is incorrect stating 67 k’s in 2023, it was 2022, last year was 59)

When I see guys giving up well more than a hit per inning and striking out well less than one per inning it’s red flags :triangular_flag_on_post: for me.

He was hit hard last year in the Big South, we’ll see how that translates to the Big 12.
Hopefully he takes a big step forward this season.


Not on UH but my buddy’s son is SP for Ohio State tomorrow… Colin Purcell.

Out of Tomball… Went to TA&M CC for a few seasons and now tOSU.

He has a chance to be lit. I hope it works out. I am still baffled as to how he was available that late in the year last year.

Very cool.

Anyone playing D-1 is REALLY good.

Even for BIG teams :wink:

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That kid worked his a$$ off his whole life…

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Jelkin pippin’ 96mph

I thought Schmidt was going to be a starter?

Not this weekend.