We'll be a better team in 2016


  • Not only did we keep CTH, we kept every other coach but one who took a job as an offensive coordinator at a P5
  • Scout team coaches will have Kyle Allen, Bowman Sells and D'Eriq King at their disposal
  • Ed Oliver (Aymiel Fleming will contribute too) will make an already monster DLine into a true thing of beauty and just may be the strength of a team with Greg Ward on it
  • We are spoiled at quarterback. Ward is Ward but he's not just Ward anymore. He's not just good.mHe's Ward starting to look like a real quarterback good. He's usually the best runner on the field but when he connects long, we are a very dangerous team because then it's just pick your poison time for defensive coordinators
  • Samples steps in for Ayers and maybe CTH likes this group of 2s and 3s better last year's :slight_smile:
  • Catalon could be better than Farrow and Farrow was pretty good. Car might be too good to redshirt and Kokuma might break out if he's healthy
  • OLine has to be better since we won't be playing any true freshmen or ant freshmen for that matter. I think we can replace the tackles.
  • Losing #44 in the middle would lead conventional wisdom to say we won't be as good at LB but Steven Taylor was just as much a beast as Elandon Robers was, almost
  • From what I've seen on video of Colin Wilder, I'd say he might step in for Trevon Stewart. We may not have a lock down corner like WJ but with the DLine we have we won't have to blitz as much.

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