Well heck, now we have this

An ancient demon spirit may be loose in Japan (msn.com)

If it is not one thing its another thing. I said all along during the election that Biden was not up to dealing with ancient demons (even though he probably knew a few in his younger days). Did the press ever ask the question? No they did not. Now we are stuck with a president with no experience with ancient demons and higher gas prices. Was it a failure of our left leaning press, did they look the other way and feed him soft ball questions? Yes most definitely. Not one (that I am aware of) asked him “Joe what are you going to do when Tamamo-no-Mae emerges from her rock?” Just ask the freaking question, America deserves to be well informed on any eventuality that might emerge under a presidential administration.

If you want flag this post, go right F’n ahead, I am going sit back and laugh my azz off as you guys deal with Tamamo-no-Mae. Oh and by the way Japan, seriously you can’t come up with a rock that can keep an ancient demon. Do you need to steal that technology from us as well. This freaking world, I don’t know anymore.



There has to be a Catholic Priest running around that has experience with these kind of things. Someone needs to call the Pope.

I think the spirit escaped a decade ago and hopped a frieghter east

If they could drop on Yankees Stadium that would be great!!

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