Well it's official Big 12 2023

As long as it’s UH that scores 5 this time.

That would be a titanic defensive battle in UH winning 5 - 3.


We know the potential that UH brings to the table and y’all have earned it in football and basketball. From a football fan standpoint alone give me some

BU vs UH
Tech vs UH (again)
oSu vs UH

I’d watch that all day. Parity is going to be the #1 story in the new Big 12.


It’s going to be a great rivalry!

I agree. Every year, there will be 9-10 teams that could win the thing.


Pretty stoked now with the announcement. Looking forward to some road trips like back in the day.

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Yes. Now let’s win the conference on our way out the door! We need one more banner on our wall.


I’m ready for my trips to Waco. I already do the Dallas trip for SMU.

I agree. I would like to see UH win the 2022 AAC championship and the bowl game.

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Alright. So now that we know it is official.

QB- Lucas Coley. Would love to see us bring in one more guy to compete. But definitely need at least a depth piece in case Coley gets hurt. This dude has a rocket, and will have crazy amounts of weapons at his disposal.

RB - We may have the best RB room in the Big 12 in our first year. 3 headed monster of AMc, Brandon Campbell, and Stacy Sneed. Probably need to bring in 1 RB during the 23 cycle from the high school ranks. Since I think this will be Alton’s final year at UH. We’re absolutely loaded here for year 1 of Big 12 play.

WR - Assuming Tank goes pro, which he probably will, I still think we’ll have one of the best WR rooms in the Big 12 in our first year. Golden, Jackson, Brown, Manjack, Guidry, Nelson, and Banks. And Dana has the 23 class and transfer portal to bring in another guy or two. If needed. Another position group that appears to be loaded.

TE - Lose Trahan. That will hurt. But with the other weapons we have on offense, we probably don’t need much out of our TEs. Love the potential we have here, though, with Compton and McGaughey. Probably bring in one for the ‘23 class and call it good.

OL - Could potentially bring back everyone on this unit for our first year in the Big 12. If we lose Paul to the NFL, Dana will have an entire offseason to get a big fish from the transfer portal. I love the continuity we will have along the line, even if we lose Paul.

DL - will have some major losses here after this season in Parish and Jones. But backfill them with Ceasar, Strong, Beadles, Tucker, and Lawrence. We’ll have Dot manning the middle. Will be interesting to see if Asi does enough to get the start at tackle. I think we’ll need to bring in a guy or two from the portal next offseason. But love our starting point. Ceasar looks to be an NFL guy.

LB - Lose Mutin. Will be a huge loss. But we get Nunnery back. Pair him with Jamal Morris, Trimarcus Cheeks (staff has raved about him this offseason), Garner, and Payne. Have a solid core here. May need to bring in one more difference maker here to feel really good about the group.

CB - Lose Green. Bring back Hogan, Alexander, and Ugo. I would like to see us add 1 more vet from the portal next offseason and I think we’re all set here.

Safety - Lose Owens. Bring back Hypolite. Should have some nice depth with Wilson, Vaughn, and Brooks. Think we need to add 1 more difference maker here. Then we’re all set.

Roster next year

RB and WR are stacked.

Bring back mostly everyone on the OL.

1 or 2 guys away from having a special unit.

DL, LB, CB, and S.

Get me a guy at QB to come in and compete.

Could have a really exciting first year in the Big 12. The foundation is there that it may not be as hard of a learning curve once we get there.


Spot on analysis. Definitely could use another qb or two next year, make whoever wins the job really earn it.

And get ready for the portal recruiting. Lots of players will be wanting to come home.

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Bingo. Which is why I’m not concerned about the potential holes I see us having in ‘23.

Mainly at OT (if Paul leaves) and DT. Dana has an entire offseason to work the portal and bring in a big fish.

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I don’t see Paul leaving. He has been a project player. He will need to have a tremendous season. At this point I don’t see him being near the top 3 rounds.

I don’t see a RB trying to come back from an injury and try to play at some point during the season, leave after this year.


Great response…

Next year will be his last year. Not this year.

He’s not eligible to leave after this season anyways. Not sure if you took my AMc comment wrong.

Sounds like a 50% share in Year 1, 75% in Year 2 and 100% in Year 3


Yea, I thought you were saying after this year. Not even guarantee if he will get on the field this year. See how it goes for him in 2023–BIG12 then we can prob make better analysis and prediction after another full season of hopefully being 100% healthy. We good.

Yup. Leaving after this year isn’t an option, regardless. Has to spend 3 years in school before being eligible for the draft.