Well, tomorrow could possibly be the day we know our fate


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Not quite.

UT and OU will know their fates tomorrow.

We may have to wait a little while longer.


They will vote yes, conditioned on them playing in the SEC in 2022…then OU and UT will have to inform the B12 of the bad news…

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Maybe not tomorrow, but if it gets approved… then things will speed up dramatically

Calling my shot.

If the SEC invites and accepts the 2025 or earlier start (sounds like a formality), UT and OU lose their vote in the BigXII. The other eight will begin moving forward with expansion immediately to have replacements in place before UT and OU leave.

My guess is Houston plays in the BigXII in 2022 along with Cincy at the minimum.


I’m feeling the Big 12 will completely dismantle.

Have a feeling of a PAC12 + Big 12 + top AAC merger if the PAC wants to compete with SEC. They’ll need that Southern exposure.

Maybe eventually but a stop gap filling of the Big 12 is more likely immediately


I just don’t see them giving up that money in exit fees. No way.


Who knows. I think everyone is just seeing what happens with UT / OU even though we know it’ll happen.

The “big shots” of the Big 12 want to be Power 5, but I don’t see how the Big 12 is still a Power 5 without UT and OU. Let’s hope Kansas doesn’t actually leave.

If KU doesn’t leave, B12 should be fine. Add 2 schools (UH and UC/BYU) immediately to replace OU/UT on their football schedules. Then add another 2-4 schools before new TV contract negotiation start. By then, if KU leaves, B12 will be fine. Or if PAC decided to expand, we should be in a better position than we are today. All about moving up the ladder for us.


Moving up the ladder is the right phrase. This is most likely a multi-year stair step process for us.


None of this utau pimping business would happened if espn did not already orchestrated this. This utau pimping deal has been in the works for years. More than likely when mickey mouse got new people running their business.
The utau pimp keeps making money while he saves face.


Yeah It’s say it’s really early to start thinking out fate will be set in motion tomorrow

Not saying it can’t happen just a lot has to happen/not happen to get to our turn on the realignment roller coaster.

The BIG12 is not going to add UH to the conference. They loathe UH and are rather paranoid about it . They would rather disband that be associated with us. It’s like they took an oath, every single one, to go down in flames than add Houston. I do not see us in the big 12, hope they prove me wrong.


I think we’re over a barrel. ESPN already “owns” the AAC, why would ESPN pay more for any AAC team, if they don’t have to? MWC is with FOX (I believe) so getting 2+ MWC teams (or any other 2+ teams) would add to their stable at a reduced cost (the teams that would join the B12-2-2, would not be compensated equally to the current members, so long as the new member payouts can support the move of increased expenses) The new members are happy bc they are now affiliated with “P5” teams and possibly earning a LITTLE more than before.

It will be difficult to keep the AAC together, bc you run the risk of pi$$ing 0ff ESPN, which in turn can make your life difficult.

Lots of different scenarios can play out, here is just one:

ESPN tells 2 AAC schools you’re being called to the B12, those 2 schools conduct themselves as good soldiers and say “no”, ESPN will move on to the next 2 AAC schools and who’s to guarantee all schools are united and will decline?

Best executive move for ESPN is add BYU and Boise to B12-2-2. BYU travels everywhere anyway and BSU is quasi desperate to leave the MWC. You cripple the MWC (FOX) and keep the over achieving AAC at a good “price”. After fees and extra travel expenses and what not, Boise makes AAC money more or less and BYU gets a little something extra. ESPN now has time to figure out what happens in 2025 and at a discount.


Alternatively, wouldn’t BIG12 go with FOX if the latter gave them a better deal than ESPN. FOX could possibly raid the AAC, grab a handful of teams; wound ESPN’s value in the AAC.

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Its our best realistic shot at an upgrade right now. I hope it happens, but I’m prepping for melt down mode that the Big 12 adds Cincy and UCF/Memphis instead.


So many different scenarios can play out, I’m a Coog, so I am hoping for the best. Some things to think about:

PAC 12 is FOX

Is there a way to to essentially merge the Big XII, best of AAC and the best of MWC and have the remnants go to the MWC?

So FOX doesn’t get “hurt” but ESPN does (by losing both AAC and Big XII)?


Under my earlier premise, you can have 2 conferences of 16 if you include BYU.


  • 2 more (Navy, AF, UNLV, CSU…)

The remaining AAC schools and MWC schools merge for 16 as well.

Just another scenario.

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If your not UT/OU in the B12, I think you’re burning the lines for a P4 invite and exhaust that before approving conference expansion.

If conference expansion is necessary, then I’d be curious if they lower exit fees along with it so they can bail first chance they get.

My concern is that IF the B12 conference expands, and IF UH is invited, and IF UH accepts; the B12 is dead man walking much like the old Big East was and is ripe for the picking.

If you’re Cincy/UH, will you tread water in the AAC or jump aboard the B12 and bail water with the rest of them. If B12 starts shedding teams, then who is left to invite?

Tulsa? Tulane? Will they quit the AAC?
UTSA/UTEP/NT will certainly jump but do you want them in your conference?

Too many unknowns. The decision makers have their work cut out for them.