We're 3-3, including a loss to Rice

Not great but it could be A LOT worse. We’re playing with house money against Whorn, let’s go shock the world.


Appalachian State did it a couple of times.

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Damn that loss to Rice!


I can actually see 6, maybe 7 wins…

UT - eh…
K-State - eh…

Baylor - winnable
Cincinnati - winnable
OK Lite - winnable
UCF - winnable

we win 3 out of 4 of those “winnable” games and we’re bowling. 50/50 season is about what I was expecting / hoping for and its somehow still possible - kinda surprising.


Belk has some surprises for everyone.


If Belk could get any worse at his job, I would be surprised.


yep, that’s possible. not as bad as it was looking earlier this week, but took a hail mary to improve the outlook. hopeful would be my outlook, not realistic.

Yea, WV QB drooled when he saw one of our CB enter the game. The one that gave up a PI and a 50 yard catch and run TD on the 4-10.

Why he was in the field in that crucial down beats me.

Dana said he was going to put a stop to it.

Acres skirts the line between taboo and analysis.


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That Rice loss is the most painful one. 4-2 would have us mostly feeling good and thinking we might comfortably eek a bowl game out. Now, well, let’s hope UT and KSU don’t blow us out the next 2 weeks…I’d we lose those then will need 3 of the last 4 to get a bowl. Unlikely.

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just no injuries the next 2 games is my hope, thats the best chance for the back end now and maybe some coog player starts really ascending thru the neccessity in those two games.

We could be going into UT 4-2 and all we would need is to go 2-4 the last 6 games to go bowling, that rice loss is rough and probably cost dana his job in the end

CDH received the brunt of the criticism for the Rice loss, but it rightly fell on the shoulders of the team.

Players admitted in post game interviews that they took Rice for granted. By the time they snapped out of their coma, they were down 28-0. A furious rally fell short.

Give credit where credit is due, give criticism where it rightly belongs.

Rice game will cost us a 6-6 season

was feeling good about wv win until now, meanie ! - lol

We’ll see.

Judging by their other losses, OSU, Baylor, Cincy, and UCF are all beatable.

And UT….is goin’ DOWN!!!

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That will never happen on coogfans. Yes, the Rice loss was painful and unexpected, but we are 3-3. Comparing us to the other B12 add on teams we are no worse and slightly better. We are tied for 10th in the conference (yes not 1st or even 9th) but we got our first B12 win. We will get more.

Some that post make it clear their expectations are way out of perspective for what is possible with our program currently. More accurately they are unrealistic in their expectations and allow themselves to think negatively and hope they can influence others through their posts to think the same way.

The sky isn’t falling. Our coach doesn’t suck, at least no more than any other 3-3 or worse coach and there are many. Our season statistics don’t look awful compared to the rest of the B12 other than defense. Special teams is solid and our offense is improving.

The sky isn’t falling. We just happened to lose to Rice.


Our coach does suck……that’s why we lost to Rice.

That’s we we are LAST in recruiting.

You are delusional.


Well what do you know? Turkey Lurkey decided to be the first to chime in. Welcome. Loosely Goosey not far behind?

Take a peek at Cincinnati and BYU today.

We might be the best of the 4 newcomers.

We play Cincinnati and UCF so this will get settled.