What a difference a year makes for Houston QB Clayton Tune

Very short article…sort of strange.

Getting some early experience was part of the reason Tune left Lewisville Hebron halfway through his senior year to enroll at UH in January and go through spring practice.

“I wanted to come in somewhere early and get a head start,” said Tune, who backed out of a commitment to Kansas before signing with UH.

It really wasn’t an article. It was basically a blurb in Duarte’s “Armed Forces Bowl Report.” Also included a note that Bryson will sit out due to injury, Greg Ward will be an honorary captain, Stevenson is near 1000 yards receiving, and playing in the DFW Metro is a homecoming for a dozen of our players. He does this a lot with his “Reports”. Saves time writing articles.

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I thought it was strange too. When I saw the title this morning I thought it was going to have this long backstory about him. Then I opened it up and it’s just a short little blurb, kind a left me going huh…


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