What a game

Highland Park beat Manvel and were only ahead for the last score of the game 53-49. Even then Manvel got to the one yard line on the last play of the game. Sad for Manvel who was obviously the better team talent wise, but a lesson for the Houston Cougars to not let Fresno State do the same to us.

Helluva game. Fun to watch. Over 25,000 at JerryWorld. Got their money’s worth.
Game closed with time running out and Manvel WR catching a pass on the 1-yd line!

heartbreaking defeat!! I feel for all their players and fans…

Been watching high school football games for many years and this might be the best one ever, especially for a state championship.
Highland Park did not have the talent nor the speed of Manvel but was like a machine on offense with precision passing from its quarterback. There is a reason those guys have won more football games over the years than any other team.
The onside kick, no doubt, was the difference maker in the slug fest…until that point the teams were simply exchanging touchdowns.
Both teams left it on the field and neither deserved to lose but that is the way it goes…great game…

That was, without a doubt, the damnedest high school football game I’ve ever seen.

Manvel will go back and watch the tape and wonder how in the world they lost the game.

Here are some reasons. They gave up first downs on a 4th and 15 and a 4th and 20, they went way too conservative the last time they had the ball, and they didn’t defend the onside kick.

Oh well, hats off to Highland Park. Jerry Jones’ grandson willed his team across the finish line.

Well said. It was a shame that one team had to lose. But HP was clearly the smaller team. QB Jones for HP is listed at 5’9" but probably 5’8". No quit in either team. For a second I thought the Manvel WR was going to fall in the end zone with no time left on the clock.

Helluva game. Kudos to both teams.

I love defensive struggles.

“He leaves with a 108-25 mark at the helm of the Mavericks, including six district titles, eight straight playoff berths (2010-17) and appearances in the state championship game in 2011 and 2017.”