What a lousy ending to a bipolar season... still though

I am incredibly proud of the players. Class acts, especially Greg Ward. This team gave us some of the best wins this season in our history.

It’s sad that our dedicated players had to endure constant unrest, deception by a head coach, unending media speculation, and gutting of the staff for before the bowl. They deserved better.

I hope this program can solidify and harden and we stay and ascend to our rightful place.

GO COOGS! Now let’s get basketball supported.


Well said. I wish I could be as upbeat as you after this loss. I felt like some players quit and it made me bitter.

I am disappointed as well and think the players got robbed of a potential magical season. After the Oklahoma game I truly believed we could go undefeated and make it to the CFP.

I am sorry to all the players that were deceived and potentially robbed of something absolutely great by Herman.


Highly disappointed here, but it’s really hard to be on a team when people all around you are quitting. I’ve seen it in high school sports, too. Never easy no matter how old you are.


How many times did this group of kids have me in the stands, on my feet, screaming until I had nothing left and couldn’t talk for 2 days? Plenty. They had a rough season. They felt given up on and abandoned. Just imagine being in a job where you have a major project coming up. Your boss leaves, goes to work for the competition, leaving your team completely short handed. As adults and professionals, we would be pretty pissed, too. We would also scramble to pick up the slack as more employees leave and go to work for the old boss.

Those kids are human. And they learned a huge lesson. Promises will be made. Expect that, at some time, they won’t be kept. When they are broken, you’ll work your ass off, be distracted, and you might fail. It’s life and it goes on.

Many of these young men will move into the workforce. I guarantee you they will see fake people coming a mile away now.


One thing this year that’s different is suspended kids and behavior issues. I don’t like that. I’m glad this season is over and hopefully things get better next yr.

I honestly don’t excuse the players behavior regardless of the rumors and coaching situation. However, when you realize what your coaches preach, e.g. honesty, accountability, brotherly love is a load of horse crap; it is not out of this realm to not give a flying flip.

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