What a wasted opportunity

Beating the dead horse. But we had 3 NFL worthy players on our no scheme defense. Smh.


More than that. Both safeties will be in the NFL. As well Chambers and Turner, but I won’t blame Major. Those two were hurt.

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And, our Heisman-candidate QB was also hurt. No blame for Major on that either, but he was still a lousy head coach! Wish him well, but very glad he is gone.


Onward and upward!


I know Anderson was rated a top safety coming out of HS, but are you talking about Sprewell as the other?

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Coach No D will add that to his resume…I coached three NFLers at Houston.


Gleson Sprewell May be our best defensive player on the team.

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Did I miss something, based on what?

I would look at the first half of the season to more accurately judge the defense. By the time we got to a few late-season games we were practically fielding a scout team defense, and there’s no doubt the offense we ran made it tougher to play defense. You won’t see hurry-up 100% of the time with Holgorsen.

Anyway, we weren’t good in the first half of the season either. We played well against Arizona, but maybe that had a lot to do with Khalil Tate and their offense not meshing with a new system on a brutal day. We gave up 36 to Navy and USF, 63 to Tech, 27 to Rice, 26 to Tulsa (interestingly, Arkansas State held Tulsa to 20 two or three weeks before), and 45 to SMU. Oliver was hurt for SMU and USF, but all but a few defensive players were still healthy. So the first half of the season when most of the defense was healthy makes it pretty clear that we underachieved.


Very possible. Didn’t start out that way, but he was an all-conference caliber safety by the end of the season. I get that a positive word about D’Onofrio, who should have been fired, isn’t what people want to hear, but he’s the one who offered Sprewell and got him here. I don’t think he had other offers.

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Love Sprewell. Fearless safety with ball skills. Should be very good this season. Hoping Anderson gains some of that fearlessness as he has the talent to be even better.

I see our safeties having a good time this year. Ball hawking blitzing fun!

Might give up a few huge plays here and there but punishing none the less.

Injuries. Every team has them.

Not equally

Strength and Conditioning coaches. Everyone has them.

Retort: “not equally.”