What a year for the American Athletic Conference

Memphis up 14-0 on UCF

Who would have thought that out of UCF, USF, Cincy, and Houston that Memphis could possibly be the AAC champ

Memphis has athletes. I am pulling for UCF, I don’t want the MWC get the NY6 bid.

That is why they need to expand playoffs. Never know what can happen

Memphis should not be playing in the championship game. I know with king we would have beating them.


Memphis was incredibly fortunate that King was out (along with a number of other Cougar starters) and that Milton is out now. That said, they are taking advantage of the opportunity- they have done and are doing what they need to.

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Memphis is going to win this game and throw even less than the triple option teams do

Same team that got destroyed by Tulane lol

or was it Tulsa

This is going to hurt the AAC if Memphis wins.

UCF second half performance was very impressive. Making the sweet bowl will mean $$$ for us and the conference. Wonder who the opponent will be?

I have gained some perspective on The System. Ed Oliver is very good. When a 5 star :star:️ player is on a G5 team it is different than P5’s. Being able to have 4 and 5 star depth at a position makes the situation less volatile. The scene will reflect the zillions of dollars that the (not for profit)…institutions crave for infinite growth. Only schools with deep enough pockets to hold the money get in the club. These players are savvy enough to know they must maximize their talent and minimize exposure to injury while free-lancing. They are 5 stars. I enjoy the flashes of brilliance but in the end it’s the long-shots playing for their education that stay 4-5 years or may be free agents that is College Football. Love these guys maybe more. Be careful how many stars you wish for.