What are your expectations for Coach Fritz?

In looking at his coaching record, it’s usually year 2 or 3 before he competes for a conference title.

He’s 30-25 across all his Year 1s and 35-15 across all his Year 2s.

I’d be happy with a 6-6 record in 2024. How about you? UNLV under Odom will be tough, as will @ OU. 2-2 might well be the nonconference record.


A reason to be excited about a road game and want to attend. Even though we lost at UConn, I was excited about going up there because it made a good vacation with the expectations to watch a football game we’d win. Same when I went to Rutgers.

So maybe in year two I’ll look into restarting my away game vacation planning.

6-6 and a bowl would be fine with me!

As I’ve said before…EVERY new coach gets ONE “freebie” sucky season.

Even Sampson got such a season in year one.


6-6 w/bowl win.

Top 40 recruiting class.

I’ll be happier than a lottery winner.


Just have a good creative offense that scores a lot, enough that we have a fighting chance for each game, as we’ll never be a defensive school.

TCU made it to the National Championship game in their new coach’s first year.

Louisville made it to the ACC Championship in their new coach’s first year.

Houston made won a New Year’s Bowl in their coach’s first year (Herman).

The Texans won a playoff game in their new coach’s first year.

New coaches don’t always stink in their first year,

Just saying…


I’m hoping for at least 6-6 but 4-8 might be more realistic with a new coach, new play scheme and a bunch of new 3 star players. It’s going to be a while to train up all these 3 stars to be 4 stars.

Wins against:
and maybe Iowa State

The work ethic required to get better each year along
With building a positive culture in the program.

If he does these two things the winning will come and things will fall in line.

Work Ethic :white_check_mark:


Well UH didn’t get all those first and second round draft picks or 4 and 5 star players. Our players were selected in the 4-7th round.

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If he comes in and gets 8 wins or more, then of course, that would be a dream season.

As you said, miracles do happen…see DeMeco Ryans in year one with the Texans!

But knowing how hard it is/was for any coach, even Kelvin Sampson, to come to a team with an average or losing record the previous season and win right away…I’d be happy with 6-6.

I like your thinking. I feel we go 8-4, 9-3. Not as lofty heights you’re picking, those records will indicate a sea change and better things to come…


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Competitive. Scare a few teams we are not supposed to win against. Win against the ones we are.


I just hope to see improvement week to week and to see us be more disciplined. I will say the OU game doesn’t scare me as much as it did when announced. They lost most of their starting offensive line and quarterback. We’ll see what Venables can do this season. If we can go 2-1 in non conference and then beat Baylor, Iowa State and upset one of Utah or Kansas State and then maybe steal 1 or 2 on the road against Cincy and Arizona that’s a successful first season.

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We only play 3 OOC games. 2-1 is almost a must.

I just want us to compete, discipline of both side and coaches not make irrational/drunk decisions on the field. I see us between 3-6 wins. 6 if OL having a good year.

Given that we beat Baylor in Waco last season, I should hope that we would beat them at home this season.

That would give us five wins. Ideally we can win one more game and be assured of a bowl bid.

Fritz has been waiting his whole career for this opportunity.
He will NOT take it lightly, like the last guy.

Notice how he said his life is about two things…Football and Family.

He is here to find a way to WIN!

We’ve already seen him hustling reaching out to as many high schools as he can.

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Wow, what a tough schedule especially AWAY. One of the tougher ones we’ve seen in many a moon. Boy, with that schedule I’d be happy with .500. Good luck!

It’s Big 12 football…as someone famously said who’s no longer here🤣

Baylor, BYU, Cincy, ISU, and TCU are no world beaters. They are all beatable. Don’t underestimate our staff, Tulane often showed up big against good teams. I will say 5-7 as of now, but I don’t know who will start at QB or how we finish our class. We will prob have 5-10 people transfer out after spring, and that’s 5-10 more people we can add.

I am really a believer in our defense. I just want to see how we close out our OL and how the QB room looks in spring

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