What Can We do to Help UH in realignment?

Simple: Buy/renew season tickets. Any sport, but especially football. Now is not the time/place to voice your displeasure with your wallet.


And another one!! :joy::sweat_smile::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As of a month ago we had only sold 3200 season tickets for football and we had only 4000 athletic department contributors (Cougar Pride). The long term fix is getting students involved when they are freshman and those who live on or near campus. For now, alums need to buy tickets, go to games and show support


Student attendance was really on the upswing until the past couple years. In this city we to have to win and be relevant and play big games. It is a great time to WIN and at least finish this season with a bang and big crowds.


Wow o thought we had 14k to 20k season ticket holders at one time

Give each new graduate 2 season tickets with their diploma for coming year with option to renew or upgrade in year 2. We gotta try something new. “ I’ll only support a winner “ is garbage and fine for pro sports. Otherwise we will playing in FBS sublevel.

Are you confident in those numbers ? Reason I ask is I would expect each CP donator to
purchase 2 or more season tickets. So I would expect at least 8,000-16,000 season tickets sold if
there are 4k donors.

If we only have 3200 sold we might as well pack it in that’s pitiful with 250,000 alumni in Houston