What do we do with our XII first paycheck?

Will we increase spending?
Will we pay off debt?
Invest the money in academics?
Have more advertising?
Build something?
Increase salaries?

I think

50% will be split between football and basketball
20% will be to increase salaries and hire new people
20% will be for advertising
10% pay off debt

Just give it all to Sampson. Done.


Give it to President Khator.


Will be used to reduce the $ the subsidy to athletics


Definitely the latter…making any future debt funding much more palatable to the leadership committee.

Don’t do what our school district do, that is, spend less on administration and more on students and coaches (teachers)

Scratch offs


hit up River Oaks District?

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Every team will receive a boost in spending.

I’d bet we use more for debt than 10%. We’ve spent a ton of money in the last decade to get us here. I’d bet we haven’t thought that far ahead. Don’t spend it before you can cash it.

Take everyone out for margaritas!

After that trust Dr Khator to put it to good use

The buyout to get Jimbo Fisher will probably take up all of it.


Give $1 million of it to CDH.

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Pay the AAC buyout, pay the Big 12 entry fee, pay the coaching bonuses, rebrand everything… I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of expenses.

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Doubt it works like that as everything will be factored in over the long haul. What I think we should start seeing very soon before we enter the new conference is increased staff in all departments like C and ticketing. We were forced to go with skeleton crews in some departments due to Covivd.

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Football Ops building. Priority number 1.


Expand the stadium to 50K


Ask for it all in $1 bills and go have some fun!


Most of our enhancements will have a debt component. They don’t pay those in cash as a general rule
Cash is usually funneled through a general fund that pays a variety expenses, including PPE upgrades and interest.
There are some high profile exceptions but existing expenses have to be paid.

Bull Semen

How much would it cost to go to 45 or 50k for the stadium