What does CDH do at halftime?

He is so ridiculously outcoached in the second half. That was a completely different team in the second half for Tech.

Does he just go in and yell and drink Red Bull and tell everyone they suck and then yell some more? Maybe turn red and throw a visor?

What does our ‘highly coveted’ DC that we HAD to promote or else he was going to leave do? How does he give up 31 unanswered. Well, 24, Tune gave up 7 all by himself.

And why does holgs get a pass on a bad receiving Corp? Is this Carriers fault again?

Jeez this game was like a strippers corvette. Went from shiny and new to missing a window, a mismatched rim, one broken headlight and a key streak down the side…but hey it is still a corvette.