What Does the Future Hold for Houston?

Interview of Mac Engel Star Telegram reporter who broke the story on Houston/TCU to the PAC12.

How Long Will They Be Here?

Seems promising for us either way bc we have a bird in hand in the big12.


The Metroplex fans seem to think that this writer is a joke and nothing he says can be trusted. If TCU fans are willing to dismiss a hometown writer, even when he’s bearing good news, it’s enough for me to disregard as well.


Big question is what will our leaders choose if the pac invited us. I’d hope they would choose the pac for stability and prestige.


Typical Mac Engle clickbait, not sure I really believe this.

If you noticed he had no hard statement most of he was saying was based purely on his own speculation, it seemed to me. I quote him “connecting the dots”. He could be right time will tell. It’s a no brainer if the PAC calls you take the call and say yes.

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I hope we go to the PAC. I just want one year to beat Baylor 54-0 and I’m good.


I think it’s only a matter of time before the pac expands into our tz. But for UH the offer has to be way above big12 imo.

That guy lied big time. He wrote the article of TCU and UH almost going to the Pac-12 and has no sources and even says in the recording, it’s what he thinks the Pac-12 did in their meeting. He keeps saying “I think”.


Then when asked if UH would be successful in the Big12, he says “they’ll lie through their teeth” referencing UH admins saying we can be successful.

This guy is full of crap. That article was bogus. I feel sorry for all the UH fans that fell for this crap.

Only 54? If we were really rolling we could get more…