What gets a member banned/suspended

Had to ban 5 people this weeked. 2 for being trolls, 3 for being absolute jerks. 99.9 percent of you here are awesome.

But I do want to remind the select few lurking out there who like to cause trouble that this is a privately owned board. Being a member here is not a right and we can remove memberships for any reason.

That being said we are not dictators and we are not going to remove people on whims.

So quick primer, here’s what gets you banned:

  1. Continuous negativity, thread hijacking, pointless arguing, or basically just being annoying or a thorn in our sides. Is that subjective? Yes, but it’s pretty obvious (ie: UHQB1). We usually issue a warning first, but it seldom works.

Note this does NOT mean you can’t debate or disagree with each other or us. Far from it. Just be respectful and have some class. How you say things matters.

  1. Trolling - can be hard to spot at first, but this will get you the hook (Ie: Llama).

  2. Threatening or harassing other members, even in private messages. (Not going to name that member).

Thanks for keeping this board awesome guys. Go Coogs!


I support the calls. :+1:

Thank you. Was worried this board would end up with the same old tiring rhetoric.

It is okay to discuss your opinion and why you felt that way. It is also okay to have different opinions and to disagree. As you stated the positions and issues being discussed are subjective and no one knows the future.

However, more and more these days, some people believe their opinion is a fact and unless you agree you are wrong. Big part of what is wrong in the world today. People cannot recognize that there is always going to be disagreement. The key is recognizing the other person has a different “opinion”, neither has a fact and the best result is to agree to disagree or find a comprising solution that serves both parties.


I remember RW freezing me for two weeks (seems like 15 years ago) when I used the S word and not towards anyone in particular. Nothing wrong with a little decorum.

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Thank you for your work!

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I agree with the above and support 100%. Administration did the right thing. You could really feel the mood around here changing and I’m glad y’all put an end to it before it turned into that other site.

Thank you


I’m also in full support of the unsportsmanlike penalty on the trolls! That’s an automatic first down! lol

In all seriousness, it’s one thing to argue just to argue, but it’s important to be objective and offer support for such claims. It’s fun for everybody and it promotes an informative environment. It’s not hard to be respectful either. I’d assume we’re all adults.

Thanks for looking out for the good Coogs!

Backing you 100%.

The other site went to hell in a hand basket fast. I would rather give up fellowshipping with other Coogs online than see the constant negativity again.

I’ll be posting the Always Sunny troll toll gif if I feel a troll is our midst. Thanks for keeping things clean and fair on this board!

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When the Big Change occurred at (on?) TOS I joined this site and bounced back and forth for a little while but settled in here because it is just friendlier. I have very little of the personal attacks and trolls that were so common on TOS. I like what we have here and I thank the moderators for keeping it this way. Go Coogs!


Great job

You get a few people’s hopes up and then they see I am still here.


You disagree with most but your provided sustenance with your arguments. It’s like chewing tough meat. Still doable

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I have never understood why people troll. What a waste of time. Thank you for your hard work.


Isn’t it strange? Some people derive pleasure from riling people up.

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I get upset? I do a set of push ups. Maybe these guys and gals should to.

We all handle issues differently. Some stand. Some

Just had to re-ban Llama. How dumb do you have to be to make your new name include Llama? Doesn’t matter, his IP is banned now.

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