What happened this year?

I know we had injuries, but do y’all really think that was the major reason for all of our problems? Additionally, are we going to be able to reload and put a good enough team out there to compete fully next year? Will our bats(other than Davis of course) be able to have sustained success next year? I’m just afraid that we’ve taken a step back. Hopefully this is just one bad year and we’ll continue to take a step forward next year.

  1. The Romero suspension was a nightmare for the rotation at Minute Maid.

  2. J Vidales, Marshall K, A Lantrip, and A Fletcher injuries took contributors off the field.

  3. Z Taylor and C Julks didn’t hit until May.

  4. The Connor Wong expirement at C failed.

  5. C Casey was expected to be a key addition. He completely lost confidence and fell apart as the season progressed.

  6. I am confident that our corner infielders had the fewest homers in the country once Davis slid to DH. We need to move Hollis to 2B and bring in a 1B and 3B that can swing it.

  7. Sloppy Tuesday showings were the norm.

We have a fantastic core coming back in Romero, Ullom, Cumbie, Fletcher, Hollis, Reyes, Wong, Julks, and Davis. We’ll see how things play out with Taylor and Casey. Find a couple corner infielders and a C and this team will win the conference.


On top of everything VerizonChad said, we just didn’t have the talent on the offensive side this year as we lost a number of players to the draft. Iriart, Fulmer, Rice, and Survance all left and nobody came in to replace them other than Davis.

We have a number of hitters coming in next year that should improve the offense dramatically. Jacob Barfield should be a monster and can play 3rd and would be a great cleanup hitter behind Davis. Saw an interview where Davis said he was going to catch next year which should free up Wong to play in the OF where his arm is a plus. Wendell Champion didn’t get any playing time this year, but I think he can be a power bat in LF, 1B or at DH. Hopefully Casey can figure it out as he should be a stud. Still have Julks, Hollis, and Reyes and some of the younger guys may push them. On top of that, we still should have one of the best pitching staffs in the nation that’s only going to get better with the guys coming in.

I think this year was just a blip on the radar, and this team next year may be Whitting’s best.

Yeah, i just don’t know enough apt the incoming class. I’m mostly worried we don’t have enough firepower.

And to top all that off our coach is interviewing for the open position at UT. I doubt if he will get it, but I still worry about the impact on the program.

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