What happened to Oliver....?

Just curious??? Did he get injured after the half??

Waiting to see if it’s close at the end of the game to determine if it helps or hurts his draft stock

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Why not let him play because Memphis struggle when he is in…we will cost ourselves a game doing this…

If he doesnt come in now then he is done for some unknown reason.

Is he still wearing the knee brace?

Yep, still has the brace.

Out for the day.

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Well here comes the “L”.

Offense needs to score on their possessions. The D is too depleted

It’s over defense has gave up, not even trying

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He only played that first half to get the media off his back, he should’ve been left in Houston.


He is in the medical tent

Don’t start disparaging a student-athlete. Plenty of other places to do so, but it won’t happen here.


Last report is that he was limping at the end of the first half. Was in the medical tent between 3rd and 4th quarters. Closing thread.