What happened to the radio show today?

I tuned into 950 AM at 1 pm today but they weren’t airing CTH’s radio show. Anybody know what happened? Is it rescheduled? Did anyone go to the Rajin Cajun?

What I read is that it happens at 1, but doesn’t air until 7 pm.

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HRcoog is correct!

Standing room only, Great atmosphere!

Be sure to arrive early. Like 30min early for parking. Also, please don’t parellel park in the grass. :expressionless: That’s atleast two spots.


Pic from today (sent out by @UHCougarFB):

Another one from @Coogcheese

Is there a podcast of the show available?

Can’t find it, but here’s the 790 interview he did this morning with Matt Thomas and Lance Z.

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