What happens to other sports?

If the 10 year crystal ball has ESPN leading the way to a 32 team nationwide autonomous super-conference for football where each team gets $70M+, has their own playoff, 120 scholarships, etc.

AND the remaining 90 schools stay in the NCAA and form more regional conferences because they become more dependent on ticket/gate revenue than TV deals. (Imagine a TOLA conference: OkSt, Tulsa, ArkySt, LaTech, ULaLa, Tulane, TxTech, SMU, TCU, Baylor, Houston, Rice, NTx, UTSA). These regional conferences would attract crowds because of easy travel and more interest.

Where do the “majors” go for basketball, baseball, softball, etc?

What happens to the NCAA basketball tournament?

I could see auto bids going away in the tournament for unranked conference champs. That would open the door for a lot more of those 32 team’s basketball side to get invites over the south land and patriot champs.