What happens

if Baylor new HC takes CDH to school. Do we start the meltdown or continue on with hopes

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This is a WIN WIN for us no matter what happens.

It’ll be fun for those of us in person and the young men playing.

Everyone will understand why we went 4-8 last year on Saturday.

Baylor isn’t ready.


Well Fritz was taken to school by a coach with a less impressive resume, so we should at least assume those who defended him will have the same patience and understanding for CDH.

I think CDH will be the one doing the schooling however.


Win win

No we need to go win but at very least should be a competitive game to the end if we for some reason come up short.

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I’ll bust on CDH just to stir up trouble.

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I think we can and probably will win this game. However, if we were to actually lose, could it just be that the players returning from a team that won 11 games last year may just be a better and more cohesive team than our rebuilding Coogs. Are any losses attributed to the fact that personnel on one side are better. I know they lost many starters, but they also have a deep bench of players ready to step up.

A lot of you guys say that stars matter, but don’t want to think that a team with higher rated players out of high school just might actually be better than a team with lower rating. Remember, several of the players we tried to sign play for BU.


I see it as a toss up. However they have an eerie resemblance to our 2017 Coogs team. Lost a ton of starters from a good team the year before and hired a first time HC. We weren’t very good in 2017 for those specific reasons.

I only see this as a toss up game because we’re coming off a 4-8 season. If we were coming off anything near a winning record and returned what we are this year, there wouldn’t be enough talent on Baylor’s roster to overcome the butt whippin they would be facing.

I still think we win. No way they have more cohesion hitting the reboot button. Our guys have been working out kinks, their guys have been trying to learn things for the first time.

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depends on how bad the beatdown is…i think we will be ok

Baylor was playing for the Big 12 Championship last year along with trying to fight for a playoff spot. We were three wins away from qualifying for a bowl game. Advantage Baylor right there regardless of who the coaches are.

They don’t appear to be as good as last year with losing so many on D, but we should be better with having so many transfers on our scout team last year and with benefitting from so many RS. We have to be better than last year and I would bet they are not as good. Plus, they won a lot of very close games last year that could have gone the opposity. I don’t believe they were as good as their record and we are going to be much better. Now how that intersects with the teams this year, we’ll see next Sat at 11 am CDT.

How did Baylor vote on us for entry into the Big12?


Those that don’t like CDH will have the pitchforks out in a loss and those that like him will say told you so. I personally will not waver either way in belief he’ll get the job done. Folks need to come back to reality though…Coogs aren’t playing Mary-Hardin Baylor, BU is Top 25 for a reason.


I thought tech and baylor voted yes for big 12. They were the only 2 if memory serves.

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UT voted Yes, I believe. At least the governor was in support of Houston. But supposedly the other schools did not want us.

Yes, and Baylor isn’t playing Houston Baptist…

They voted yes but was all that Big 12 courtship even serious? Or did they vote that way publicly, to appease the pressure from the governor, knowing that it wouldn’t go through? I have my doubts on that.

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To the original post, if CDH’s Coogs gets taken to the woodshed, I think that would be a major problem. Having said that, I don’t think that will happen. Things that I am looking to be different from last year as a sign that CDH is the right guy for the job…

  1. Stop shooting ourselves in the foot on offense. The untimely and undisciplined play last year on offense was a real concern. Better protection, better routes, and better decisions.

  2. Playing our best players. For some reason, our best pass rusher spent the majority of last year on the bench, which was and still/is inexplicable. Other key players were offered to redshirt.

  3. Get backfield pressure on defense. Our scheme and execution was anemic last year.


It is not a win-win no matter what happens.

A win is a win a loss is a loss.

This is a strange season so there is nothing that should cause a meltdown either way. Except if we lose and 30 guys, God forbid, get the virus.

I just hope they can play two halfs this season. I remember last season having a lead or being close into halftime and then unraveling in the second half. Hopefully the returnees and new additions will quell that.


#2 is critical imo for Team to succeed. Coaches/players are not always going to be singing kumbaya together, but unless player is breaking rules, suspended , etc , CDH needs to get the best athletes on the field. He owes it to all the players, Alums, AD, Univ etc to make sure that happens every week. For whatever reason that did not happen last year with several examples, which one of ex. you listed.