What I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,
Please bring me a team to watch that will put some pressure on the QB.
A team that will blitz.
A team that will give our QB more than 1 second to find a open receiver before he is swallowed up by the defense.
A team that can block well enough so our RB’s will have a hole to run through.
A coaching staff that can make adjustments at half time.
Merry Christmas.


I want people to get out to the Coog basketball games.


to be fair fresno was #3 in the nation in total sacks allowed and this includes playing bama and playing an extra game in the ccg

but that wish shoud come true for next year with the addition of the 2 4star DE isiah chambers (had 21 sacks in single season in texas 6a) and Bryan jones who was considered the best DE in Louisiana by espn

and the last 3 can be drastically affected by the OC we hire…

all the things you named can honestly be fixed by next year…

the thing i wish for is CB…thing are doing quick outside passes on us and straight dominating…and unlike everything you named there is no sign for major improvement

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Jim we blitzed almost every down tonight, but we just couldn’t get there. I hear what you are saying though.

They need to start making adjustments after just a few downs. One or two series and our defensive coaching staff should be making adjustments to the defense . . . . .


Attended PV A & M game. Rather enjoyable, and bus ride over was convenient. Not sure about weekday games. Unfortunately, travel time from Wharton is tough on weekdays. Looking forward to more weekend games . . . . .


We play at home Saturday at 5pm


Basketball, Baseball, Track, Swimming, Softball, Golf…All of those programs are expected to be good this year. Let’s support them and let’s all try to make it to the Spring game.


Coog basketball is definitely fun to watch this year.


And don’t forget about the women. I just bought four general admission tickets to the UCONN game on Jan 13 for $12. Less than what I paid for the latest Star Wars film.

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Baseball has had a killer deal on tickets for last few years…$99 got you 33 tixs to use as you see fit. Cougar Field has undergone some nice upgrades if you haven’t been in years and the team has been pretty good last few years running.