What is Dana's excuse this time?

Welp. I’m sure it’s going to be something stupid.

We almost beat Texas

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Thanksgiving food slowed the boys down. Too much turkey.

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It’s hard to keep the team focused over Thanksgiving break.

they really needed this one, wow

We didnt have Big 12 buses for travel to attract recruits

The obvious one is they wanted to win to make a bowl. That wasn’t on the table for us

We just hung 1/8 of 100 on a Big 12 team.
Very competitive!


Need B12 talent to be competitive in this league

We were competitive. Mission accomplished.

We need facilities to win games like this.

This is the Big 12.

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Players made mistakes and didn’t execute the gameplan

I told them UCF was going to be tough but I could tell Wednesday that the players were not listening. They were overlooking this game thinking about the transfer portal. Not my fault, if you would up the NIL, then they would concentrate on the games and my experienced coaching.

11am was really 10am for us and he usually doesn’t wake up until the crack of 10:30am and didn’t have time for breakfast.

Long trip on a holiday week.

Holgorsen: (clears throat) We played fine, made it competitive, (coughs) I ran out of Sugar Free Red Bull at halftime so I went to the 7-11 down the street and let the assistants make all the changes (cough, cough), so it’s not my fault.


Where can we hear his press conference? I’m sure it will be a classic.

“The team realized I was going to be fired tomorrow and lost motivation.”

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Orlando is too humid.

“Life in the Big 12 is hard”

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