What is the deal with Toolame athletics?

First, one of their basketball players is arrested for an alleged murder.

Now, one of their football DB’s allegedly punches out a girl at Waffle House and breaks her facial bones.

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I missed the story on the alleged murder, but I’ll take your word on that. This incident sounds like Tulane
has handled it appropriately. Sounds like may have
been related to party earlier. Punching a girl is hard
to spin if she was the intended target of a punch. I dont know if the player has a history of problems and the school took a chance on him or not . Two young lives are never to be the same.

Missed the story?


We had a whole heated string on it here.

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I don’t care what anybody else says, the added excited of not knowing what will happen next at a Waffle House makes it so much more fun to go eat at. Its kind of like going to a dive bar in NYC.

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I went to a Waffle House once and once only.

Happened to be during my school days in Houston. Late perhaps 2am after cramming for exam.

3 guys. A Californian, A guy from Long Island, and myself from Brooklyn.

Sat down. Preparing to order then realizing that every single other person in the joint was in the Hells Angeles or Sons of Anarchy or some such organization.

Lost our appetite. Did not order that was 1984 have not been back.

You missed out on some great hash browns scattered covered and topped, lemme tell ya!

Knuckle sandwiches.

Isn’t it scattered, smothered and covered?